Brandoodles.com is The Brand Name Guessing Game. It is perhaps the only game that may ever be able to compete in the space dominated by WHEEL OF FORTUNE.

Developed in 1991, the role that Brandoodles plays in Society is to fulfill the curious nature of the Game Playing public.

– First, on the Cash Register Face in the form of a static “write-in” puzzle by the Consumer.
– Second, as a game through an App that displays the result through a Mobile Voucher or print-out.
– Third, as direct competition to WHEEL OF FORTUNE as Digital Vision Game Shows.

It has long been established that the public has an affinity for playing mobile games. On a Global basis people spend 4 billion hours a week playing games according to a comscore.com 2014 report, In the USA alone, several Billion online game plays occur annually on a repetitive basis.

The Brandoodles Game is played with an App for Mobile Devices. It is presented primarily as a Marketing Solution to Advertisers and Brand Managers, as a vehicle for slow moving branded products that traditionally have little or no direct visibility by the public.

The sale concept is that everyone who participates is a winner. Their “prize” is measured in random discount amounts ranging from 10% – 99%.

The revenue stream consists of a fee that is charged to a User (Advertiser or Product Manager) that pays to promote their product on the face of a Cash Register receipt. The effect of winning is captured and is displayed (a) on Cash Register receipts (b) Mobile devices (c) Game Show formats.

Unlike the phenomenon of well known Talk Shows that have been successfully exploited, no attempt has ever been made to blaze the path of success of WHEEL OF FORTUNE. In order to feed the hungry monster over 100,000 well-known brands in the form of puzzles available to play, we will engage the top Retailers, Advertisers and Brand Managers to form an alliance.

Not intended to be a surplus sales site, Brandoodles.com is directly linked to the Cash Register receipt front face and Mobile device simultaneously, with an App making it a dual success channel.

Vouchers provide Product Display opportunities and customers have the ability for online redemption or in-store pick-up.