Our goal is to promote every Brand Name product on the front face of every available Cash Register Receipt in the USA and Canada.

Conservatively there are approximately 25 million active Cash Registers in USA that generate about 12.5 million feet of Cash Register Receipt paper each day through purchases by the 50 million transactions that occur.

We have International Patents Pending in USA and Canada for the Exclusive use, Method and Apparatus for Promoting Brands and Increasing Sales by playing Brandoodles® using the front face of every Cash Register Receipt.

To date…no other company has provided the opportunity through game play, to utilize, through constant advertising, the front surface of the 124,000 miles of Cash Register paper generated each year in the USA alone…enough to wrap around the world 5 times.

Cash Registers transactions are an integral part of the economy. According to the National Retail Federation (2015) there are:

  •  3,793,621 Retail Establishments in the 50 US states
  •  42 Million Jobs supported by Retail Business …another potential 42 Million Brandoodles players
  •  $2.6 Trillion in Total Gross Domestic Product Impacting the Industry
The Subsector Categories include: # of Competitive Establishments:
Building Material and Garden Equipment 110,630
Clothing and clothing accessories stores 286,225
Electronics and Appliances stores 80,813
Food and Beverage stores 251,296
Food services and drinking places 860,161
Furniture and home furnishings stores 60,692
Gasoline stations 113,575
General merchandise stores 92,064
Health and personal care stores 246,272
Motor vehicle and parts dealers 278,779
Miscellaneous store retailers 391,678
Non-store retailers 859,299
Sporting goods, hobby, book and music stores 132,138