Introducing BRANDOODLES® – The Brand Name Guessing Game

The concept was first invented in 1991 as a Supermarket Trivia game to engage Supermarket shoppers and entice them to purchase slow moving items by “Doodling” missing letters of well known “Brands” on a piece of paper to win prizes.

BRANDOODLES® Technologies and Marketing programs are driven by powerful algorithms managed by the Consultants of ENDPOINT GROUP, a part of Belcom Corp.

We are executing a Simple, well-known Game Playing concept

BRANDOODLES® game play is based on playing a “Hangman” style game two ways:
– By doodling the answers on Cash Register Receipts (International Patents Pending).
– By playing with the Mobile App on Mobile Devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.)

We are connecting Retailers, Brand Managers, Product Manufacturers and Advertising Companies with Game Play 

BRANDOODLES® Game Play is driven by the partnership engines of Retailers, Brand Managers and Advertising Companies. Retailers provide the ability to utilize the front face of their Cash Register Receipts. Brand Managers, Product Manufacturers and their Advertising Companies promote their products through High Visibility Game Play to 50 million shoppers a day with Fractional Penny click charges.

Their Customers Win-by-Discount with BRANDOODLES® Game Plays

Every BRANDOODLES® player is a guaranteed WINNER. Each  “win” is awarded the highest discount on the item  selected between 10% – 99% based on their “agility” to be the fastest to logon to brandoodles.com.

It’s time to play…BRANDOODLES®!